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Stuck at Home? Take a code break! (March 30, 2020)

"Coding is something the entire family can enjoy! has come up with coding breaks...lessons every week to engage not only your children, but you as well!  Watch the video here first, then sign up here to receive the information each week for the lessons." 

This past week we’ve seen a ton of excitement around Code Break, our weekly live-interactive classroom. Episode 1 featuring Hill Harper had students join in real-time from every U.S. state, and from as far as India, Argentina, and Greece. Here’s a 30 second clip of the highlights:

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Next week, we'll welcome not one but two special guests: entrepreneur, CEO, and “shark”, Mark Cuban, as well as model, actress, and software developer, Lyndsey Scott.

We have a super fun class planned, with activities to engage young ones and a special live-coding interaction older students won’t want to miss! Students will pitch app ideas, and the audience will pick their favorite for us to rapid-prototype. Sign up to join each week's classroom and to receive weekly activities and unique opportunities to participate interactively in the episode. 

We also continue to expand our recommended resources for learning computer science at home. We’ve included options for those who may have limited internet or computer access, as well as a variety of activities, videos, and courses.

For our teachers, we’re making new resources to support distance-learning programs. In the meantime, please share the above with parents and students, and encourage them to participate in each week’s Code Break.

Help us build the world's largest live-interactive classroom
Last week, while millions were stuck at home alone, over ten thousand students and parents joined together for a live Code Break. As special guest Hill Harper so eloquently said, “if the virus can spread, so can love, support, and learning.” Help us grow to a hundred thousand! Each of you can invite other parents, students, and even entire schools to join. Share this email, or share our posts on Twitter, or Facebook, and help us build the world’s largest live-interactive classroom!

During this pandemic and time of global stress, thank you for trusting us with the opportunity to teach your children. 

Hadi Partovi