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Free Reduced Meal Application 2021-2022

Why should you fill out your Free & Reduced Application?

Did you Know that meal application assists in so much more than just meals? Please fill

out the free and reduced meal Application . It can help the school in so many ways. Benefits include - 

  • Reduced registration fee for AP tests. For example -  SAT and ACT.
  • Maintains funds for student programs and services.
  • The district may get additional funding for Technology and internet access.
  • Students can avail DISCOUNT in college application fees.

So, even with meals being free this year, we need everyone to fill out this application to guarantee the district gets the funding they need. This is an easy way to help your school and community.

Download the PDFs. Fill out the application form and return to your respective school offices. 


Application Instructions

FREE Reduced Meal Application FORM