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Dear Parents,

We have been fortunate with our mild winter weather to not have had to make a call for school closing due to inclement weather. I understand that many people are questioning what we will do if and when the time comes to call a “snow day.” It is true that we have more flexibility for virtual learning during a snow day. However, as of today, it is our intent to utilize the embedded instructional minutes that we have built into our calendar for “snow days.” This would be for elementary, middle, and high school.  If we go beyond the (6) embedded days we will adjust our plans so that we are being conscious of lost instructional time. 


Thank you for your partnership in helping us continue to provide Excellence at OSUD.


Emily Miller 




If the school must be closed or the opening delayed because of inclement weather or other conditions, the school will use the following notification process:

  1. The decision to close school due to inclement weather will be made by the Superintendent after consultation with the Transportation Contractor.

  2. If the Superintendent is not in town, the decision will be made by the High School Principal.  If both the Superintendent and the High School Principal are not in town, the decision will be made by the Elementary School Principal.  In any situation, the decision will be made after consulting with the Transportation Contractor.

  3. The deadline for closing school for the entire day is 6:30 A.M.  The deadline for setting a later starting time is also 6:30 A.M.

  4. The decision to close school early will follow the same chain of authority listed above.  Early closing will generally be limited to after 12:00 noon and as late in the afternoon as the conditions allow.

  5. When school is closed, all school activities will be canceled for that day, unless an exception is made by the Administration.  This includes athletic practice and events.

  6. Inclement weather days will be made up according to Board Policy.

  7. All school closings will be announced over the following radio stations:  WOCO (107.1 FM - 1260 AM); WLST (95.1 FM); WHBY  (1150); WHYB (103.7); WSCO (1570); WAPL (105.7); WKSZ (95.9); WZOR (94.7); WECB (104.3); WHAM (570 AM); WAGN (1340 AM); WSFQ (96.3); WIXX; Y100; 93 ROCK; The Drive; WNCY; WTAQ; WZBY; WNFL; WLCE, WQDC and the following television stations:  WLUK-FOX 11; NBC-26 NEWS; WFRV-5; WBAY-2 and WACY UPN-32.

  8. School closings will be announced on the District Facebook page and the District website as well as a call/text/email through the Infinite Campus autodialer


Parents and students are responsible for knowing about emergency closings and delays. (Board Policy 8220)


Emily Miller