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Ending of week 3: Message from Superintendent Miller (April 10, 2020)


We are finishing up our third week of the OUSD virtual learning format. It is wonderful that so many students and staff are connecting through zoom, email, phone, and mail. Our staff and students are stepping up to this new normal and it is thrilling to see. I am confident that we will continue to positively move this together and make remarkable strides in supporting our students learning everyday.


Making those strides is not easy. If your home is anything like mine this new normal is chaotic at times. I wanted to just let you know that you should give yourself and your children some grace. No one is perfect! Just remember that our staff is here for you and your children.  Our teachers want to know that their students are doing well during this time. Help your children stay engaged as their teachers have asked. We do not want to add more stress to your lives. So, let’s keep learning fun and remember to read, read, read! 


Blessings and love to all of the students, staff and parents who are taking on this huge challenge! Give yourself grace! You got this!! I believe in you!  I promise you, we will all learn from this and come out even more EXCELLENT than we are! 



Emily Miller