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April Family Fun Fest 2020

Family Fun Fest


DATE: April 23rd 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm @ OES

Come join the fun!  We wanted to show you all the amazing creative Clubs, careers, hobbies, and games we have been exploring. The Students of OES.


DINNER - Cafeteria

One of the best ways to enjoy an evening together is to invite friends and family over for a meal. We have a lovely meal prepared.  Enjoy the meal! The dinner is free, unless you wish to donate. We have a cool coin drop and money drops for donations if you like. This year we will be serving Subs and chips. 

Bake Sale

The Girls club is sponsoring a bake sale. Baked goods will be available in the Hobby Shop. 


If you visit the Kids Hobby shop in Mrs. Pebbles room you will be able to purchase items we have made. We have items from our 3D printer,  handmade crochet bracelets, games, putty, magnets, stress balls, fidget spinners, art and more. We are exploring creative meaningful hobbies and careers such as sales, marketing, engineering, science, technology, teaching, photography, the Arts, broadcasting and more. If we have a career interest we can make it come to life through exploration and discovery. Leadership is also an area we are growing.  This evening you will see students in leadership roles throughout our school.  

Back by popular demand, Grandma Pebbles Jolly Rancher lollipops will also be available for purchase in the Hobby Shop.

Gym- Interactive clubs

Come in the gym and engage with club leaders who will show you what their club is all about. Harry Potter Club will be sorting you into houses, the RC club will offer you a chance to race a RC vehicle. The Irish Dance Club will teach you the basics of Irish dance, and the workout club will be showing you how you can have fun working out.   

FREE PHOTO OPS- Throughout School- Take your own pics!

Feel free to snap as many pictures as you like.  We have tons of great photo opportunities throughout school,  Pikachu, Pip, the full giant horse, and bunny. We will have props too!  Enjoy!

 FAMILY Fun - Library

If you are visiting the Library you will discover that we have a visitor this year. Mrs. Cordula VandenHeuvel

from the Oconto Public Library. If you come to the OES library during Family Fun Fest you will have an opportunity to learn about all the new and amazing programs that the Oconto Library has to offer.  Come check it out and enjoy coloring your very own bookmark. Sponsored by: Oconto Public Library. Thank you!

RAFFLE - Hallway 

We have tons of fun raffle items sponsored by each club. Raffle tickets are $1.00 a ticket or 6 tickets for $5.00 or an arms length(usually about 30 tickets) for $20.00.  Just place your tickets in the buckets designated for each item on display. make sure you put your name and phone number on the ticket and we will give you a call if your ticket gets pulled. We will be pulling tickets at 5:30pm.

Art Room- Social Emotional Learning  

If you are visiting the Art room you will have an opportunity to meet our Therapy dog in training. Her name is Fawna. You will be able to talk with the club leaders and see some of the commands Fawna is working on. Mrs. Kostreva will also have her pets in the classroom friends available for you to meet. Having pets in the school has shown to support students social and emotional learning.  Come meet our furry friends and learn more about social and emotional learning.  

50/50 raffle 

We were able to give away over $100.00 last year!  Hope you win!

**New items added to the raffle!

Fourth Grade Wax Museum - 3rd and 4th Grade Neighborhood

Come see our fourth graders present a living wax museum of famous people in history.  See Thomas Jefferson, Malala Youfsafzai, Dr. Seuss, and many more come to life and tell you their story right before your eyes.  Learn even more facts and be inspired as you read our biography posters. 


Many students have organized clubs at OES. These clubs and their club leaders will be showcasing their hobby and role as leaders. Stop and chat to see what they have to say.  


Informational/Career tables and Celebrating our Leaders

Informational/career tables will be displayed for your perusal.  Enjoy learning about STEM, visit with a firefighter or Law Enforcement Officer.  Enjoy learning about Hobby Farms, Humane Society, Rainbow House, Mental Health, Literacy, Math, left and right brain information,  and more…. Student Leaders have had an active role in all planning of our Family Fun Fest!!!! Many brochures and informational materials were designed by our students at OES. 



Dear Families, I hope you enjoy the evening. The students at OES are AMAZING!  Our goal as educators is to assist students on their academic journey. Predictors of academic success include family support,  encouraging our students' interests, and discovering what motivates them. It’s a journey. This evening we celebrate this journey. Enjoy the evening and thank you for all your support.   Mrs. Pebbles



All the funds earned this evening go back into an account we call, OES Supports - (nonprofit). That’s how we are putting on this event tonight and hopefully more in the future.  We, as students, play an active role in deciding what future events we would like to engage in at OES, of course we have guidance and our Principal’s permission as well. We also want to thank our amazing teachers and our families because without them we would not be able to do all these wonderful things.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!