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Dear Families,

As the Guidance Counselor I am here to support students to achieve, grow, develop skills, and ultimately have a positive school experience. I offer guidance classes, one on one student counseling, and group acitvities, depending upon the needs of the students. I also provede students with audio, visual, and kinesthetic opportunities for optimal learning and ongoing assessments for continued growth. Ongoing evaluation of student needs dictates all programming; therefore great care is given to determine the best approach for each student. Teachers and parents who have concerns about a student may contact me personally and together we will evaluate the student's needs and the best approach to meet these needs.

In Guidance we will be looking at the three domains: Academic, Careers and personal/social. We will be suing a variety of teaching methods to foster and retain these qualities. It should be noted that all guidance themes are based on The Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model.

Mrs. Pebbles

Phone: (920)834-7808 ext: 3117