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*Registration begins July 1, 2021 for the 2021-22 school year!

​All students-athletes must complete the online registration prior to the first practice.

1. Consent Form to treat athletes. Click HERE to download.  

  • Parents must fill out this form.
  • All athletes must return the Consent Form (Permission to Treat) along with a physical form before their FIRST practice of the school year.  If the Consent Form is filled out properly that, along with the physical and Bellin/HIPPA is all that needs to be returned.  Coaches or the office can provide players with a Consent Form. 


2.  Printable Physical/WIAA Clearance Form

  • Form must be completed and signed by physician.
  • WIAA rules for completing physical:
    • A physical fitness exam is required by the WIAA no less than every other school year.  
    • Physical examination taken April 1 and thereafter is valid for the following two school years.

3. Code of Conduct : OMS/BCA and OHS


​4. Concussion Agreement

5. HIPAA - Privacy Form required by Bellin Licensed Athletic Trainers 

6. WIAA Eligibility


7.  Volunteer: Contact Booster Club