• The School Board welcomes you to Oconto Unified School District. The Oconto Unified School Board will collectively ensure all students achieve their highest levels. We will work collaboratively to enhance and enrich the district through student-focused decision-making. We will support the superintendent in developing a successful, safe, and secure environment for all children and a positive and productive workplace for all employees.  

    Goal One: Cultivating Meaningful Engagement through Active Listening and Reflective Feedback
    Ensure that all board members actively listen to guests at board functions and provide thoughtful and reflective feedback to enhance the quality of interaction and stakeholder engagement.

    Goal Two: Expressing Gratitude through Thank You Notes
    The School Board members aim to foster positive relationships and express appreciation to individuals who engage with the board through presentations of support, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our educational community.

    Goal Three: Achieving Constructive Engagement During Meetings
    The Board of Education commits to fostering a culture of mutual support, open communication, and constructive engagement. We will actively demonstrate our support for each other while fearlessly asking tough questions and addressing difficult topics through reflective engagement during all board meetings and discussions.

    Prepare for Board Meetings: thoroughly review all materials provided in preparation for all board meetings.

    Engage in Purposeful Discussion: stay on topic, clearly and concisely share ideas, and avoid repeating comments made by other board members.

    Collaborate Respectfully: consider all opinions; collaboratively engage to reach decisions as a whole board; and believe that all are working for the best interests of OUSD students, staff, and community.

    Make Informed Decisions: use presented information to make decisions that align with the district and BOE's vision, mission, and priorities.

    Demonstrate Professional and Ethical Governance: use discussion and voting to communicate individual viewpoints and demonstrate acceptance of Board decisions through words and actions.

  • PRESIDENT  | Crissy Kumhala (Rural Seat) 4/2022-4/2025 / (920) 373-5015 / crissy.kumhala@oconto.k12.wi.us

    VICE PRESIDENT  | Kris Alwin (City Seat) 4/2022-4/2025 / (920) 834-2646 / kris.alwin@oconto.k12.wi.us

    CLERK  | Sammy Boucher (Rural Seat) 4/2021-4/2024 / (920) 604-0074 / samantha.boucher@oconto.k12.wi.us  

    TREASURER  | Bobbi Christopherson (City Seat) / 4/2021-4/2024 / (920) 373-7070 / bobbi.christopherson@oconto.k12.wi.us 

    Connie Brabant (Rural Seat) 4/2023-4/2026 / (920) 604-4751 / connie.brabant@oconto.k12.wi.us  

    Doug Thompson (City Seat) 4/2023-4/2026 (920) 321-4505 / doug.thompson@oconto.k12.wi.us

    Maria Roberts (City Seat) 4/2022-4/2025 / (920) 604-2552 / maria.roberts@oconto.k12.wi.us



    Budget & Finance:                                                                             Wellness:
    Doug Thompson, Maria Roberts, Connie Brabant                         Kris Alwin

    Buildings & Grounds:                                                                       CESA 8 Delegate:
    Crissy Kumhala, Bobbi Christopherson, Sammy Boucher           Doug Thompson         

    Policy:                                                                                                   Negotiations - OES & Support Staff:
    Committee of the Whole                                                                    Maria Roberts, Connie Brabant, Doug Thompson

    Community Outreach:                                                                     WASB Convention Delegate:
    Bobbi Christopherson, Sammy Boucher, Kris Alwin                      Doug Thompson (Alternate: Kris Alwin)



    Student Reps

    Elaina Moody:
    As a new member of the OUSD school board, Elaina would like to thank the board for this opportunity. Elaina is an avid member of Oconto High School. Elaina is currently the Student Council Vice President, in NAHS, art club, science club, the yearbook committee, Hope Squad, and a varsity volleyball player. Elaina and two of her classmates arranged a suicide awareness volleyball game for September 26 of this year, where they ended up raising just under $2,000. Elaina helps volunteer for Curative Connections outside of school, dog sits, babysits, and works at Shake a Burger. Elaina would like to credit her parents for instilling her with a work ethic, a bubbly personality, and a love for people. 

    Owen O'Connor: 
    As a newly elected OHS student school board representative, Owen is the student council president, a member of NHS, a science club member, a band percussion leader, and the track team manager. Owen and 2 classmates organized and ran a mental health awareness volleyball game on September 26th. They raised almost two thousand dollars to be donated towards getting more mental health materials in surrounding schools. He likes to cook and bake all sorts of food. Owen’s favorite quote is “If you never try it, you'll never be able to say, hey, it worked,” from Dr. Pol, a veterinarian, which is what Owen aspires to be. Owen will look to attend UWSP to study veterinary medicine. He credits his parents, especially his mom, for the support in his passion for loving animals and for making him never give up. 

    Evan Vaessen:
    Evan is excited to be elected Board of Education Student Representative this year. This is his 3rd and final year on the Middle School Student Council. Evan looks forward to more leadership opportunities this year. In addition to Student Council, Evan is entering his 7th year at Green Bay Area Youth Hockey. He plays goalie for the 14U C Team. Evan's favorite subject in school is Geography. He excels in countries and flags and enjoys learning about them. Evan is interested in becoming a sports trainer, hopefully for the National Hockey League. Evan feels honored to represent the student body of Oconto Middle School. 

    Audrey Murdock:
    When it comes to music, Audrey has diverse tastes. She enjoys heavy rock, metal, songs in different languages, sad melodies, and emo/goth tunes, all of which resonate with her love for loud music. One of her passions is the visual arts; she adores drawing, painting, sketching, and sculpting.

    Audrey's focus extends to sports, and she participates in various activities such as trap shooting, basketball, volleyball, horseback riding, and bowling. She places a high value on her friendships, family, and her beloved dogs. To Audrey, her life holds great significance, and she strives to make the most of every moment, infusing it with value and enjoyment.

    On weekends, she can spend quality time with her family and friends. Audrey frequently joins her uncle and dad for sports shooting, bonding over shared interests. In her household, there are two cherished dogs. Her own dog, Savvy, is a 2-year-old German Shepherd Doberman mix, while the family dog, Gunner, is a purebred German Shepherd and is known for being a good boy. Audrey's love for her family shines through, especially during their traditional Christmas Eve movie nights and crafting sessions with her mom.

    Audrey's love for traveling and walking is a significant part of her life, bringing her joy and exploration. Looking ahead to the future, she aspires to become an artist and a singer, with dreams of studying in Germany and singing to her heart's content. Thriller and horror books captivate her, keeping her engaged and entertained.