• The School Board welcomes you to Oconto Unified School District. The Oconto Unified School Board will take collective responsibility for ensuring all students achieve their highest levels. We will work collaboratively to enhance and enrich the district through decision-making that is student-focused. We will support the superintendent in developing a successful, safe, and secure environment for all children along with developing a positive and productive workplace for all employees.  


    Goal One: Pupil Outcomes
    Ensure that all students are college and career ready by providing rigorous, relevant, and differentiated instruction that academically challenges all students and develops citizenship, leadership, and innovative thinking.

    Goal Two: Climate & Culture
    Foster positive relationships between staff, students, parents, and the community as part of a successful learning environment.

    Goal Three: Conditions of Learning
    Provide highly qualified staff, standards-aligned curriculum, up-to-date technology, and modern school facilities that are maintained and have a marked focus on safety protocols and mental health.


    Prepare for Board Meetings: thoroughly review all materials provided in preparation for all board meetings.

    Engage in Purposeful Discussion: stay on topic, clearly and concisely share ideas and avoid repeating comments already made by other board members.

    Collaborate Respectfully: consider all opinions; collaboratively engage in reaching decisions as a whole board; and believe that all are working for the best interests of OUSD students, staff, and community.

    Make Evidence-Based Decisions: use representative and reliable data to make decisions forward in attaining its vision, mission, and priorities.

    Demonstrate Professional and Ethical Governance: use discussion and voting to communicate individual viewpoints and demonstrate acceptance of Board decisions through words and actions.

  • PRESIDENT  | Crissy Kumhala (Rural Seat) 4/2022-4/2025 / (920) 373-5015 / crissy.kumhala@oconto.k12.wi.us

    VICE PRESIDENT  | Kris Alwin (City Seat) 4/2022-4/2025 / (920) 834-2646 / kris.alwin@oconto.k12.wi.us

    CLERK  | Connie Brabant (Rural Seat) 4/2020-4/2023 / (920) 604-4751 / connie.brabant@oconto.k12.wi.us

    TREASURER  | Bobbi Christopherson (City Seat) / 4/2021-4/2024 / (920) 373-7070 / bobbi.christopherson@oconto.k12.wi.us 

    Doug Thompson (City Seat) 4/2020-4/2023 (920) 321-4505 / doug.thompson@oconto.k12.wi.us

    Maria Roberts (City Seat) 4/2022-4/2025 / (920) 604-2552 / maria.roberts@oconto.k12.wi.us

    Sammy Boucher (Rural Seat) 4/2021-4/2024 / (920) 604-0074 / samantha.boucher@oconto.k12.wi.us  


    Budget & Finance:                                                                             Wellness:
    Kris Alwin, Sammy Boucher, Maria Roberts                                    Kris Alwin

    Buildings & Grounds:                                                                       CESA 8 Delegate:
    Crissy Kumhala, Bobbi Christopherson, Connie Brabant             Doug Thompson         

    Policy:                                                                                                   Negotiations - OES & Support Staff:
    Committee of the Whole                                                                    Connie Brabant, Crissy Kumhala, Doug Thompson

    Community Outreach:                                                                     WASB Convention Delegate:
    Doug Thompson, Sammy Boucher, Bobbi Christopherson         Doug Thompson (Alternate: Kris Alwin)



     student reps


    (L to R: Grace Patenaude, Reese Miller, Emmy Reed, and Olivia Brzozowski)


    1. Reese Miller: Reese Miller is a student at the Bayshore Community Academy and a member of the Oconto Middle School Student Council. She is actively involved in extracurricular activities, including volleyball, basketball, jazz band, and pep band. Reese has proved to be a natural leader among her peers, and she always expects excellence from herself and her classmates. She is also a well-performing student who has a passion for math, history, and research. In the future, she expects to have a career that involves finance and public speaking, so she is very grateful to be able to sit on the board and observe people working out financial issues and speaking to the members of our community.

    2. Grace Patenaude: As a proud co-president of the Oconto Middle School Student Council, Grace Patenaude is very excited and optimistic about being a student representative for the school board. She already has experience with speaking up and leading, due to a year of the student council and over two years of middle school. Grace also is very involved in other school activities like sports. She has a huge passion for sports but would like to be something in the academic field for a career. Her favorite and most proficient subject would be math, although she does like ELA too. Grace would like to stress how important this means to her and she is extremely thankful for this opportunity!


    1. Emmy Reed: Emberleigh Reed is grateful to have the opportunity to represent the student body. Some of the activities and clubs that Emmy is involved in are volleyball, basketball, track, FBLA. She is also the president of the student council, vice president of her class, a member of the National Honor Society, and she volunteers at her church. One of her favorite teachers would have to be Mrs. Lafleur because she always pushed her with her writing and made her read deeper into texts they were analyzing. Emmy’s favorite subject would either be English or History. She enjoys strengthening her writing skills and learning about how and why our country was influenced by what has happened in the past.  Emmy would like to thank her mother, Heidi, her father, Dean, and her grandmother, Vi. They have raised her to be the person she is today and they are the people that she has the most respect for. Emmy would also like to thank her friends and her sister for being there for her when she needed them and always giving her a great laugh. Throughout high school, she has learned so many important lessons that will help her in the future. One of the biggest pieces of advice Emmy  has for future students is, “never be deterred from a challenge, and even when you feel overwhelmed you still need to get your work done because that’s what the real world is like.”

    “The comeback is always stronger than the setback” -Dr. Jill Murray. Emmy is going to take that mindset and apply it to her future ambitions. Her goal is to attend NWTC and receive an associate's degree in law enforcement. Emmy states, “this school has given me so much, and this is finally a chance to give back to it.” 

    2. Olivia Brzozowski: 

    Olivia Brzozowski is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the school board. She is a senior at Oconto High School and is involved in activities including volleyball, basketball, and student council as vice president.  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Porath, she likes how she pushes all of her students to do their best and is always there for others. Her favorite subject though is history, she finds it interesting to learn about past events and loves watching documentaries. Olivia would like to thank her Dad, Mom, and grandparents along with other extended family and friends. They have always been her support throughout life and have always given her good advice and many great memories have been spent with them and will be spent with them in her future. Throughout high school, Olivia has learned to always be nice to others, advice for her future, and other important lessons. A piece of advice she would give to future students would be to always keep pushing forward no matter what, get out of your comfort zone, and have fun in high school, something you only get to do once in a lifetime. “It’s only after you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform. Roy T. Bennett”

    The time spent in high school is long but it goes by so short. Olivia’s future plans include attending UW- Green Bay and NWTC for their nursing programs to become a registered nurse. She is so grateful for this opportunity to speak for the student body.