• What we do

    What we do

    The Board of Education is responsible for ensuring a high quality education for students in the District. They accomplish this by holding the superintendent and administration accountable for student success; developing effective policies that .........

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  • The School Boards welcomes you to Oconto Unified School District. The Oconto Unified School Board will take collective responsibility for ensuring all students achieve at their highest levels. We will work collaboratively to enhance and enrich the district through decision making that is student focused. We will support the superintendent in developing a successful, safe, and secure environment for all children along with developing a positive and productive workplace for all employees.  


    Goal One: Pupil Outcomes
    Ensure that all students are college and career ready by providing rigorous, relevant, and differentiated instruction that academically challenges all students and develops citizenship, leadership, and innovative thinking.

    Goal Two: Climate & Culture
    Foster positive relationships between staff, students, parents, and the community as part of a successful learning environment.

    Goal Three: Conditions of Learning
    Provide highly qualified staff, standards aligned curriculum, up to date technology, and modern school facilities that are maintained and have marked focus safety protocols and mental health .


    Prepare for Board Meetings: thoroughly review all materials provided in preparation for all board meetings.

    Engage in Purposeful Discussion: stay on topic, clearly and concisely share ideas and avoid repeating comments already made by other board members.

    Collaborate Respectfully: consider all opinions; collaboratively engage to reach decisions as a whole board; and believe that all are working for the best interests of OUSD students, staff and community.

    Make Evidence Based Decisions: use representative and reliable data to make decisions forward in attaining its vision, mission and priorities.

    Demonstrate Professional and Ethical Governance: use discussion and voting to communicate individual viewpoints and demonstrate acceptance of Board decisions through words and actions.

  • PRESIDENT  | Crissy Kumhala (Rural Seat) 4/2016-4/2019 / (920)834-4719 / crissy.kumhala@oconto.k12.wi.us

    VICE PRESIDENT  | John Pinkart (City Seat) 4/2018-4/2021 / (920)834-2854 / john.pinkart@oconto.k12.wi.us

    CLERK  | Lisa Sherman (City Seat) 4/2016-4/2019 / (920)834-3462 / lisa.sherman@oconto.k12.wi.us

    TREASURER  | Kris Alwin (City Seat) 4/2016-4/2019 / (920)834-2646 / kris.alwin@oconto.k12.wi.us

    Rick Richter (Rural Seat) 4/2018-4/2021 / (920) 834-4216 / Rick.Richter@oconto.k12.wi.us

    Doug Thompson (City Seat) 4/2017-4/2020 / (920)321-4505 / doug.thompson@oconto.k12.wi.us

    Connie Brabant (Rural Seat) 4/2017-4/2020 / (920) 604-4751 / connie.brabant@oconto.k12.wi.us

    Emily Miller (Superintendent) (920) 834-7812 (ex:4104) / emily.miller@oconto.k12.wi.us