Welcome to Bayshore Community Academy

  • BCA LOGO Our Mission: A community in which learners grow through respect, integrity, perseverance, and courage.

           Our Vision: Bayshore Community Academy (BCA) will provide a respectful and rigorous learning environment that cultivates opportunities to persevere, explore personal interests, and work with a diverse group of learners. Thus allowing all students to become college and career ready, lifelong learners.



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    400 Michigan Ave
    Oconto, WI 54153
    Phone: 920-834-7806
    Fax: 920-834-9884

  • A Message from the Principal

    Past, Present, and Future Blue Devils,

    With great excitement, we welcome you to Oconto Middle School!  We look forward to working with you!  We strive to ensure that our school community fosters an environment where all students are supported and celebrated.  This unified approach will ensure that we continue to build upon the tradition of excellence and partnership that makes Oconto Middle School a special place.

    Oconto Middle school staff are devoted to developing programs and learning experiences that motivate students to explore and challenge themselves without fear of failure.  Creating a solid and caring school community through listening, observing, and a commitment to continued learning is a priority every day.  

    Oconto Middle School is committed to providing a variety of extracurricular opportunities for students. Encourage your child to try something new and celebrate the resources available to them! Technology is constantly advancing, both in our classrooms and in the hands of our students.  We celebrate the commitment of our District to ensure resources are available to support all our future ready learners. 

    Matt Hartin

    Matt Hartin

    Principal (OMS/BCA)

    Our Beliefs:

    We believe...

    • a student’s mindset directly impacts his or her ability to succeed.
    • people learn both independently and collaboratively.
    • students learn best when they are engaged in what they are learning and have opportunities to discuss and ask questions.
    • the process of learning and inquiring is as important as the curriculum.
    • struggle is a part of the learning process.
    • activities involving reading and writing do not just happen in ELA (English Language Arts)
    • in reflective practices and may make changes within BCA during the school year to improve the educational experience for our students.

    School Structure

    BCA is a multi-age school that provides students access to a variety of technologies and opportunities to connect learning to the real-world. Students spend more time focusing on interconnected subject matter and skills. Students enrolled in BCA work with the same advisor for four years, fostering supportive relationships that benefit individual growth.

    BCA offers a learning model based on state and local academic standards, integrating student interests, local assets, and available opportunities. The curriculum addresses educational goals through individual and group projects and teacher-led lessons focusing on science and social studies. English language arts (ELA) and math are incorporated within science and social studies; however, math and ELA are taught at each grade level.

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