About Oconto Middle School

  • A Message from the Principal

    Past, Present, and Future Blue Devils,

    With great excitement, we welcome you to Oconto Middle School!  We look forward to working with you!  We strive to ensure that our school community fosters an environment where all students are supported and celebrated.  This unified approach will ensure that we continue to build upon the tradition of excellence and partnership that makes Oconto Middle School a special place.

    Oconto Middle school staff are devoted to developing programs and learning experiences that motivate students to explore and challenge themselves without fear of failure.  Creating a solid and caring school community through listening, observing, and a commitment to continued learning is a priority every day.  

    Oconto Middle School is committed to providing a variety of extracurricular opportunities for students. Encourage your child to try something new and celebrate the resources available to them! Technology is constantly advancing, both in our classrooms and in the hands of our students.  We celebrate the commitment of our District to ensure resources are available to support all our future ready learners. 

    Matt Hartin

    Matt Hartin

    Principal (OMS/BCA)


    About OMS/BCA

    Oconto Middle School provides a unique learning environment. It's unique, because we provide two separate learning spaces. One space is a traditional middle school environment with grades 5-8. The other space, Bayshore Community Academy is a public charter school with a curricular focus on project-based learning. Neither is better than the other. In fact, we share the same important values that focus on students and their development in either environment. However, we believe providing choices is exactly what sets us apart from others within the region and that makes us unique.

    We have maintained class sizes in the 20-25 student range and students are expected to meet our high academic and behavioral standards. We have a safe and orderly school in which our students enjoy a great environment to learn and grow.

    For more information about the opportunities Oconto Middle School or Bayshore Community Academy, email Mr. Hartin to schedule a tour.


    OMS Student Council Board Members for the School Year 2020-21