BCA Supply Lists

  •  General Supply BCA Logo Notes


    • Liquid white-out is not allowed, but white-out correction tape is okay.
    • Locker dimensions: about eleven inches wide and eleven inches deep. Be sure that all book bags and items stored in the locker are small enough to easily fit.
    • All students will have a locker with a combination lock.
    • Book bags are not allowed in classrooms. If a book bag is purchased to carry items to and from school, it must be small enough to fit easily in a student locker.
    • Please label ALL supplies with student’s name (not required for glue sticks, pens, and pencils).
    • A change of clothes is required for physical education classes. Rubber-soled shoes are also required in the gym. Please avoid black-soled shoes as they leave marks on our floors.


     Required supplies that may need to be replenished if used, damaged, or lost:


    ___pencil sharpener with shaving collector*

    ___pack of black or blue pens

    ___pack of red pens

    ___two packs of #2 pencils

    ___package of markers

    ___package of colored pencils

    ___package of highlighters

    ___your choice of erasers

    ___6 jumbo glue sticks

    ___at least 4 fine-tipped dry erase     markers

    ___2 composition notebooks


    ___ruler with standard and metric numbers*

    ___one 1½ - inch binder with front and back pockets (label it Take Home Binder)

    ___one 2-inch binder (label it Growth Portfolio)*

    ___2 sets of binder dividers

    ___post it notes

    ___loose-leaf paper

    ___two 3-subject notebooks

    ___one box of Kleenex

    ___headphones or earbuds* in sealable (e.g. Ziploc bag) labeled with student’s name to be kept at school*

    ___scotch tape

    ___one art sketchbook

    Additional Specific Grade Level Supplies:

    5th Grade

    ___one composition notebook

    6th Grade

    ___graph paper

    ___basic calculator that has neither fraction nor negative buttons

    ___one composition notebook

    ___Tdap vaccination prior to the start of the school year per State law.

    7th Grade

    ___ basic calculator that has neither fraction nor negative buttons*

    ___one composition notebook

    8th Grade


    ___basic calculator with square root button

    ___tracing paper

    Notes on Supplies:

    As the school year progresses, your child may choose to bring additional supplies to personalize the workspace or as required supplies need to be replenished. They may also need additional supplies for his or her projects. The following supplies are some examples: folders, desk pencil holder or desk organizer, book ends, accordion folders, tri-fold display boards, poster board, folders (your choice), or trapper keepers.

    *If a student was in BCA during the 2017-2018 school year, he/she does not need to purchase these supplies if they are still in good condition. The Growth Portfolio is stored at school during the summer.