School Supplies
  • Oconto High School Supplies List

    General Supplies







    Scientific Calculator (AP Chem, AP Physics, College Chem)

    Mrs. Rennie

    Art Foundations, Drawing 1,2,3, Advance, Cartoon, Painting: Sketchbook with a  solid binding (no recycled papers or glued binding)

    Calligraphy: Sheaffer calligraphy pen set (3 nib set), extra black ink

    Photography: DSLR Camera

    NWTC: List is on Blackboard

    Mr. Reis

    (2) 3-subject notebooks

    TI-84 calculator (if possible)

    Geometry: Compass

    Mr. Sherman

    AP History: 3 ring binder

    Mr. Quintanilla

    Two 2 pocket folders, headphones,

    color pencils and/or crayons,

    Students last names A-L one set of 2-5 or more low odor dry erase markers (any colors),

    Students with last names M-Z 12, 24 or 48 #2 pencils (Sharpened).

    Mrs. Nichols-Timm

    Bio, Human Bio, Environmental, Integrated: Colored pencils

    Mrs. Porath

    AP Chem: 2 notebooks, 3-ring binder (optional)

    AP Physics: 2 notebooks