School Supplies
  • Oconto Middle School
    Student Supply List 2019-2020

    Notes for All Grade Levels
     A student assignment book (planner) is provided for each student by the OMS PTO. The first one is given to the student, free of charge, on the first day of school. Students are required to take their assignment book to classes and keep it up to date. Replacement fee for lost or damaged assignment books is $5.

     White-out is not allowed.

     A change of clothes is required for physical education classes. Rubber-soled shoes are also required in the gym. Please avoid black-soled shoes as they leave marks on our floors.

     Book bags are not allowed in classrooms. If a book bag is purchased to carry items to and from school, it must be small enough to fit easily in a student locker.

     Other items may be requested during the school year. Please replenish supplies throughout the school year.

     Locker Dimensions: Our lockers are about eleven inches wide and eleven inches deep. Please be sure that all school supplies, book bags, folders, and the like are small enough to fit easily into our lockers. Thank you.

    Note: We request that students have several folders and/or notebooks for each grade level. Try to find five or six different colors. Our teachers will help their students organize their materials by color. If you cannot find a specific color, you may substitute another color in its place.

    Grade 5
    Forty (40) #2 pencils, package of loose-leaf paper and three spiral notebooks all wide-ruled, box of colored pencils (12+ count), soft pencil case, chunk eraser, standard/metric ruler, several glue sticks, pair of blunt-tipped scissors, pencil sharpener w/shaving collector, set of headphones or earbuds, box of tissues, a calculator, an accordion file folder.

    Grade 6
    Twenty (20) #2 pencils, sharpener, supply of blue, black and red pens. One each of the following items … box of colored pencils (12 count), pack of markers (no permanent markers), 8 expo dry erase markers, 4 highlighters, simple calculator, one small safety scissors, eraser, large pack of glue sticks (no bottles please), one roll tape, graph paper, set of headphones or earbuds, box of tissues, pair of rubber-soled shoes for gym, white-lined loose-leaf paper, college ruled or wide lines. Six spiral notebooks “3 subject” and folders in the following colors… red, green, blue, purple, yellow and black. Please see locker dimensions above. Tdap vaccination prior to the start of the school year per State law.

    Grades 7
    Twenty (20) #2 pencils; supply of blue, black and red pens; white “college” ruled loose-leaf paper, graph paper,
    8 spiral-bound notebooks, 2 college-ruled Composition books, and 6 folders. Also, each of the following items: one set of dry erase markers, one pack each of thick and thin school markers, set of colored pencils, headphones or earbuds, ruler, calculator, pink pearl erasers, pack of pencil top erasers, small clear protractor, pack of glue sticks, scissors, 1 – 2” binder for Social Studies, gym shoes, deodorant, a couple black Sharpie markers, box of tissues for Homebase room, and 2 large book covers.
    *Accelerated Math students will also need tracing paper.

    Grade 8
    Twenty (20) #2 pencils, supply of pens, white “college” ruled loose-leaf paper, 6 spiral notebooks, 1 – 2” binder for Social Studies, set of dry erase markers, headphones or earbuds, colored pencils, ruler, scientific calculator, pencil top erasers, glue stick, scissors, sharpie markers, graph paper, tracing paper, 6 colored folders, 3extra large book covers, box of tissue, gym shoes, deodorant.