• Oconto Middle School

    Comprehensive School Counseling Program

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    • Every student will have equitable access to Social-Emotional Learning, Academic Support, and Career Planning that will lead to continuous Personal Development. 

    • The school counselor will serve as a leader and collaborator in assessing barriers to academic success and will advocate for positive reform efforts to support success for every student. 

    • Students will do well if they can, not if they want to. 

    • Students deserve purposeful and meaningful supports that are driven by data, research and best practice

    • Every student has the right to an equitable, healthy, and safe learning environment. 

    • All students can learn to become problem solvers and self-advocates while developing resilience to face life’s challenges. 

    • Diversity should be embraced and celebrated to understand the perspective of others, gain new experiences, educate ourselves by learning from others, and to unite us. 

    • Fostering positive relationships between home, school and community are essential to providing the best possible student support. 



    OMS students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to attain the highest levels of academic and social-emotional success to prepare them for high school and beyond. 


    Mission Statement

    OMS’s mission is to inspire all students to reach their maximum potential through academic, career, and social-emotional development. All students have equitable access to OMS school counseling services to improve their personal development through building resilience, becoming self-advocates, problem solvers, and life-long learners that are equipped to become successful contributors to our society. 


    Dennis Miller
    OMS/BCA School Counselor