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Job Description Documents

Administration Job Descriptions (4 Files)
Download Superintendent of Schools
Download Principal-OHS, OMS, OES
Download Director of Special Education
Download School Psychologist
Classified Employees (7 Files)
Download Administrative Assistant District
Download Food Service Supervisor
Download Food Service Supervisor
Download Payroll/Accounts Receivable/Human Resources
Download Network Engineer
Download Information Technology Coordinator
Download Buildings & Grounds Supervisor
Support Staff Job Descriptions (22 Files)
Download AcctPayable.DOC
Download Administrative Assistant-OHS
Download District Clerk
Download Administrative Assistant-OHS Guidance
Download Administrative Assistant-OMS
Download Administrative Assistant OES
Download Administrative Assistant-Special Education
Download Purchasing Agent
Download Custodial/Maintenance Building Communicator
Download Custodial Maintenance
Download Custodian
Download Maintenance Mechanic
Download Cooks & Bakers/Mail
Download Food Service Worker/Ticket Taker
Download Kitchen Helpers/Servers/Mail
Download Paraprofessional-Office OES
Download Paraprofessional-Office OMS
Download Paraprofessional-Office OHS
Download Paraprofessional-Instructional Media Services
Download Paraprofessional-Special Education
Download Census Director
Download Census Worker
Teacher Job Descriptions (19 Files)
Download Guidance Counselor-OES
Download Teacher, PreK -Eighth Grade & Title 1
Download Teacher - OHS
Download Teacher Early Childhood
Download Teacher Learning Disabled
Download Teacher Emotionally Disturbed
Download Teacher, Cognitively Disabled
Download Teacher, Multicategorical
Download Guidance Counselor-OMS
Download Guidance Counselor-OHS
Download Dean of Students-OHS
Download Dean of Students-OMS
Download Athletic/Activity Director
Download Juvenile Detention Facility Instructor
Download Speech Therapist
Download Speech Pathologist
Download Physical Therapist
Download Occupational Therapist
Download Home Based Instructor LD