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Parent Portal

Click here to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal

To begin the login process to the parent portal, please follow these instructions.


Go to this website: and click on the Parent Portal option in the left menu.


Note: If you already created and account but cannot remember your username or password click on the on the having trouble signing in option. Here you can select either forgot password or forgot username option. If you are unsure if you created an account choose forgot username option and enter your email address. This will email you your username and then you can use forgot password option to get the password reset.


If you have never used the Parent Portal system before following these instructions:


1.       Select the Create Account button


2.       Enter your first name, last name, and email address


3.       Enter a desired username of your choice. This is not the access ID. The access ID is a system assigned ID that allows you to create your account.  The desired username is a username of your choice and should NOT be your email address.


4.       Enter a password of your choice.


5.       Enter the same password again.


Link to Student area: Now we need to link your account to your students


6.       Enter your Student(s) name First and Last


7.       Enter the Access ID. This is the access ID that you will receive from the school or the information is also on the top of the student registration form. Note: The access ID is NOT the username you enter above.


8.       Enter the access password. Note: This is the access password that you will receive from the school or the information is also on the top of the student registration form. The access password is NOT the password you enter above.


9.       Enter your relationship to the student. Such as: Mother, Father, ect.. from the pull down


10.   Press enter when the information is complete.


You’re done. You can now login using the username and password you selected in steps 3 and 4 from above.


 If you have any issues login in to the Parent Portal please feel free to email me: