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Here is a update from Paul Davis (the restoration company)

Executive Summary

We will have completely cleaned all of the structure and contents in the Tech Ed rooms by Sunday night; and those rooms will be able to be occupied by students as early as Monday. All of these rooms have their own, exterior entry doors; and at least one bathroom is available within that area.

Today, we were able to meet with another 16 teachers and staff to inventory their rooms.

PDR of SE Wisconsin contents personnel were able empty the balance of the student lockers today. Locker contents will be cleaned, deodorized and returned to the middle school by Monday, April 28. They will begin emptying the gym lockers on Sunday. The “wish list / asap” items, that were requested by the teachers and staff on Thursday, will be delivered to the middle school on 
Monday, April 21.

Only Contents was able to clean approximately 50% of the contents in the Tech Ed rooms today. They also were able to clean and pack approximately 50% of the already-inventoried rooms. Graebel Movers will begin loading the packed contents into trailers on Sunday.

All of the baseball/softball batting nets and other accessories were cleaned, deodorized and placed in the dugouts today.

PDN demolition and cleaning technicians finished removing ceiling grid in the “B” area corridors, today. The area above the grid has been HEPA vac’d in approximately 50% of those corridors.

Structural cleaning began today in the Tech Ed rooms. Those rooms will be completed on Sunday.

The electricians continued to tie up lights and remove non-salvageable exit signs, speakers, etc. in the “B” area today.

Mared Mechanical and Midwest Duct-cleaning continued their investigation and planning for duct-cleaning and replacement, today. Both will return Monday to begin their work.

Quality Ceilings completed the “mapping” of the grid in the “B” area today. They will return on Monday to begin installing new grid in the “B” area.

Thank you.

Neal Lengacher, Senior Project Manager



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